This Isn’t the ’90s: Why Obama Won [Wednesday] Night’s Debate

The Fifth Column


I finally found someone who agrees with me about President Obama’s debate performance last Wednesday night.   Although the following post is dated Thursday October 4th, it’s relevant to the issue of the POTUS‘ score in the debate…and why the President of the United States has to remain „presidential“ even when it’s an inconvenience.

The Raw Story – October 4, 2012

Could we take exception to this blanket disparaging of President Obama’s debate performance last night? The very fact that some people thought a very calm Obama “lost” is exactly why I’m for him, in my heart, more than I was  a week or so ago.

People are behaving as if President Obama could have simply attacked Governor Romney in the manner that Bill Clinton can in speeches, or as Obama himself attacks in speeches.

But things aren’t that way — not for him, not in the format in…

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